Thursday, November 3, 2011

Water Cycle Project

Landon had to make a poster board about the water cycle for a project at school. It’s really the first time he’s done a project like this on his own, and he got an A on it, so he was very proud of himself. I thought he did a great job on his poster and I was impressed that he marked everything so clearly and even colored it all nicely! (Drawing and coloring are not things he enjoys!)



I don’t keep every single thing my kids bring home, but I do try to get pictures of these more important papers just to remind myself how far they’ve come. It’s really amazing to see how their work progresses from year to year! (Landon wasn’t happy that I took a picture of this because he knew that meant I probably wasn’t going to keep it. He likes to hang on to EVERYTHING. He’s like a miniature hoarder or something.)

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