Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily, Day 10

Saturday night was spent eating dinner at my in-laws house. Tony’s brother and his family were also there so it was a lot of fun. I love that Harper and Lea are close in age, and I always pay attention to what Lea’s doing so that I know what’s next for Harper! They don’t really play together, of course, but he sure pays attention to what she’s doing and vice versa! Travis and Lauren weren’t there so Zoe and Landon spent the night playing with the babies and I think they still had a good time.



I didn’t have enough room on my page to journal up top, so I created a hidden journaling spot under the pictures…I find that it’s the best way to make it all fit sometimes.

PS. I was too busy chatting/watching what the kids were doing to get any great pictures, but I decided to just go ahead with what I got.

PSS. Landon is wearing a helmet because he was outside riding his skateboard just prior to me taking the picture…and then he forgot he was wearing it and ended up with it on for a good part of the evening!

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