Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do you what a dog.

Landon came home with his Friday folder yesterday and I found this paper in it. I love everything about it…it’s just funny and so Landon. IMG_0001

It reads:

Do you what a dog. Do you want it to do what ever you say. Well now you can get one. It’s called the robot dog. You can play with it all day long. Instead of having to teach it trick you can just tell it to sit and it will sit or you could tell it to lay and it will do so. You might be avile (able) to find a robot dog with fur. They are proble (probably) a lot cheaper than real dogs. You could name it anything you want to name it like Bob, Joe, Bobbjoe but you’re the one who is the namer. It comes with a bone. So instead of buing (buying) those thousand dollor (dollar) toys you can just through a stick. Sometimes when dogs get old they die but this one would never die. The robot dog will never die because it run on batties. (batteries) If batteries cost too much then think about buying food, water, and toys or try and find a charger.

I don’t know about you but I am totally convinced that a robot dog is the way to go! I love that he thought of everything including the fact that it would probably be cheaper to buy batteries than food, water and toys…and even better if you just buy a charger for it! :)

(You have no idea how hard it is to type something and leave all the errors. It took me forever to type that because I kept correcting everything and then I would have to go back to make it like the original!)

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