Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Express

We got a new Christmas train this year. The one I had before was just way too delicate to actually use so we bought one that’s a lot more kid friendly.


Tony and Landon set it up while Harper inspected all the pieces. We didn’t realize when we bought it that it needed 3 C batteries, so while they were busy messing with the tracks, Zoe and I ran out to CVS for some batteries.


It’s pretty bulky which is a good thing, especially when you’ve got a toddler that likes to touch everything he sees. He also likes to dance when the music comes on and lets just say that he’s not all that graceful. He can pretty much take out an entire room when his little feet get moving.


After his bath tonight he was ready to take control of the remote. He just pushed the buttons to his little hearts content and danced and watched the train go round and round.


I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that if I let him use the remote he’ll be happy to push the buttons and not knock the train over every chance he gets. Maybe we’ll be able to use it again next year…guess we’ll see.

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