Friday, February 17, 2012

Five on Friday

  1. Putting up the birdfeeders this week made me long for spring. I’m usually pretty happy with winter and snow and all that, but this year I’m ready for spring to just get here already. It’s probably mostly because life is a little easier when I can get Harper outside to play. Trying to keep an 18 month old entertained all day, in the house, is not easy…and going outside is what he wants to do anyways.
  2. Speaking of 18 month olds, Harper had his well baby visit this past week. He cried and cried anytime the nurse or doctor came in the room, but the second he realized they were leaving he was able to stop to say “bye bye”. He may be upset, but he still remembers his manners! ;) He weighs 27 pounds, and is 33 3/4 inches tall…and that puts him in about the 90th percentile for everything. He’s just a big ol’ love bug.
  3. Landon enjoyed his last Valentine’s Day party this week. It’s kinda sad to think of it that way, but I ‘m pretty sure they won’t be having a V-Day party next year in middle school. They had an ice cream party, and passed out valentine cards; I wish I could have gone to see it and take pictures, but I’m pretty sure Landon would have been embarrassed, so I restrained myself. He said he got more candy in class that day than he does on Halloween! (It’s true too, because he doesn’t like to Trick-or-Treat, he just likes to stay home and scare other kids and give out candy.)
  4. Zoe finally got to go play an indoor soccer game Thursday night. She signed up for it under the stipulation that work would come first and ended up missing the first two games because of it. It was fun to watch her play and she said it was tons more fun than playing for school. I hope it’s something she’ll be able to keep up since she loves it so much.
  5. The weekend ahead looks like it’s going to be a good one. I’m starting my Saturday with a pedicure, and then Zoe and I are going to do some prom dress shopping…and yes, she already has a prom dress but that’s a whole other post. Sunday it’s supposed to snow, and I’m kinda hoping it actually will this time, since spring isn’t going to get here any quicker anyways!

Have a great weekend!

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