Sugar and Spice

I’ve been waiting for today’s doctor appointment ever since I scheduled it nearly 2 months ago. Today was our big ultrasound appointment…the one where we got to find out the gender of the baby!!!

I love this appointment because it’s a) cool to see the baby at this point because they really look like a baby and b) it’s always fun to find out what your having. I definitely wanted to know with each baby because I am a planner and I’m also really impatient. And, not only can I not wait for the news, I cannot wait to tell everyone!


We decided to do something a little special with the kids this time around. I’d seen an idea on Pinterest about dying the batter of a cake either pink or blue and then when someone cuts the cake…voila, the gender is revealed! So, after my appointment, I raced out to buy a white cake mix and raced back home to bake it before the kids came home from school. I dyed the batter pink and popped it in the oven…only, while it was in the oven it was looking slightly brownish. I was a little worried about them cutting into the cake and finding a brownish yellow center, but decided if that happened I’d just have to tell them the news the old fashioned way. Fortunately when the cake was cut, the inside was a perfect pink! Both kids were really excited, and I loved doing something special for them.


Here’s a little video I got of the moment…excuse my excitement…

The kids finding out if they’re having a baby brother or sister…


Carmen O. said…
How fun! Looking forward to the layouts from these photos. :)
Janna Klee said…
That was really cool to see your excitement shared with your family. It makes me think of Zoe - so many years ago! <3 Thank you for sharing! How FUN!!!

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