Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tub Paint

I love it when I find something cool on Pinterest and then actually make/do it. Several weeks ago I came across a simple recipe for bathtub paint and pinned it to one of my boards for use at a later date.

Today was the day.

Poor Harper wakes up almost every morning with a soaked diaper (and clothes and bedding) and this morning was no exception. I can’t stand the thought of just dressing him for the day, so a soaking was in order. I grabbed the 4 ingredients (corn starch, food coloring, baby shampoo, and water) and a paintbrush and we mixed up a batch of blue paint.  He was thrilled with sitting in the water painting the tub blue but I have to admit he’s really a bit young for it. The biggest issue I had was finding a container that he could hold without dumping all the ingredients out. I ended up cutting a  hole in a plastic lid that fit a tiny food container…and that worked for a little bit. He painted for a good while before he realized the paint could just dump into the water and turn his water blue! (He enjoyed that just as much, really!)

You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board “For the Kiddo’s” or if you aren’t on Pinterest you can find the recipe here.


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