Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding the Odyssey

I guess it was time for a blog break this week. Sometimes, something has to give and this time it was the blog. I didn’t plan a break, but I honestly can’t even remember the last time I sat in front of my laptop for more than a couple of minutes!

Last Wednesday I headed out to Babies R Us to look at what they had to offer in the double stroller arena. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly, but they only had maybe 6 choices. I decided pretty quickly that I didn’t like the side by side models as much as the front to back models just because they seem quite a bit more bulky when folded down. After looking through what they had to offer, I found that I liked the sit or stand option. I also found a particular stroller that I really liked called the Odyssey made by Graco, but wouldn’t you know that you can’t get them anywhere! Apparently everyone else looking for a double stroller liked it as much as I do because you can’t get them anywhere on the East coast! (I even asked my mom to call around her area and she said they didn’t have them in South Carolina, Georgia or Florida either! Crazy, no?)

I didn’t leave the store empty handed though. I went ahead and bought a mattress for the new crib as well as a diaper changing table that I had been eyeing. I wanted to get the changing table in white, but it was another discontinued item and the only one they had left was on the floor. So, I took the floor model home (with a hefty discount!) and the only thing I see wrong is a scratch on the top part. I’ll just cover it with a big pretty ribbon or something…you’ll never even know! My mother-in-law also picked up some adorable newborn clothes and a big box of newborn diapers, so I’m finally feeling like I’m off to a good start gathering up baby items. My bedroom is beginning to look very babyish, and that’s kind of exciting! :)

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