Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who Screams For Ice Cream???

After dinner tonight we decided to make a trip out to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Something about the gorgeous 65 degree weather made us think like this: warm, spring weather + busy day = ice cream.

Ice cream has quickly become Harper’s dessert of choice. He likes vanilla and chocolate so far, but I usually stick with vanilla when we go out because it’s a definite love of his.

I took pictures of everyone’s ice cream choices because things change pretty quickly around here, so this is just what everyone likes now. Pretty much today. Who knows what flavors we’ll all prefer in another week!

Harper, Kid Cup, Small Scoop, Vanilla


Landon, Single Scoop, Cake Cone, Vanilla


Zoe, Oreo Sundae


Tony, Single Scoop, Very Berry Strawberry, Sugar Cone


Me, Single Scoop, Cake Cone, World Class Chocolate


These are our typical choices when we go out. Tony will sometimes opt for world class chocolate or something with a caramel swirl, but more often than not, he sticks with a strawberry flavor.

Landon will switch things up every now and then and get a sherbet.

Harper will finish his vanilla and eat whatever anyone else hasn’t finished.

Zoe usually goes for a frosty/blizzard/sundae type thing, just different candy flavor in the mix.

I love a good chocolate but I’ve found one strawberry flavor that I like better than any other ice cream out there. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it and hope that when it’s back at Baskin Robbins I’ll recognize it. I also love to get chocolate chip shakes every once in a blue moon…

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