Monday, May 14, 2012

Nursery Bedding

For some reason, with this pregnancy I’m seriously slow about everything. However, I do believe that I’ve finally reached that point where “nesting” has begun and I’m starting to feel like things are  urgent…so, this weekend I had it in my mind that we HAD to choose the nursery theme and colors.

While at the mall a week or so ago, I found a nice quilt at Pottery Barn Kids that I thought Tony would also like, so Friday night we headed up to the mall to check it out. (He leaves nearly all nursery decisions to me, but he does like to help choose the themes/colors for the rooms…and since he’s the dad and all I let him help!) Luckily, he agreed with me (so unusual!) and I went ahead and got the quilt, bed skirt and a fitted sheet. The design is called Hayley and you can see it here. I’ve decided not to get the crib bumper this time around as I just keep hearing more and more about how you shouldn’t use them in cribs. In the store they also had this paper butterfly mobile that I thought was really cool, and after looking at it decided it was something I could easily make on my own. I’ve just got to get to Lowe’s to try to find some sort of lightweight metal hoop to hand it from…and then I need to get started making it! I couldn’t find the one in the store online, but here’s one just like it except with blue birds:

I also ordered a Moby wrap on as well as a cross-stitch pattern for her room. For some reason though, they haven’t shipped and it’s driving me crazy! (I ordered something for Tony the same day and it was here Saturday!!) I still need to buy another baby monitor (the one we use in Harper’s room is extremely temperamental) and a few more odds and ends and then I think I’ll have what I need.

Oh, but before we can get the nursery together, we’ve got to get the guy to start work on finishing our basement so Zoe can move down there…

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