Thursday, July 19, 2012

Papa, Dakota and the Grand-boys

My dad had to come up here for work on July 11th, so it was perfect timing for them to come up to meet Dakota. My mom had planned to come and stay with us for awhile anyways, but my dad only had about an hour once they got here before he had to hit the road again so that he’d be on time for a meeting.

Of course, since he only had about an hour to spare, Dakota was asleep when they got here, but fortunately, right before he was about to leave she woke up and we snagged a couple pictures.



I handed her to him as soon as she woke up and as you can see from the pictures above, she wasn’t too happy about it!



After having a little to eat she felt better and didn’t scream while he held her.



Harper wanted in on the action, so Papa grabbed him for pictures too.



And, since we were on a roll, we got one of all the grand boys with Papa. (Zoe was at Six Flags and Dakota wasn’t having it.)

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Carmen O. said...

They're all growing up wayyy too fast!

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