Saturday, August 11, 2012

When the Price’s Visited


Last weekend an old friend of mine and her family came up to visit. I worked with Eva when I worked in daycare a long time ago, and we’ve kept in touch all these years later. She and her family were coming up to spend some time in Baltimore to show their kids around and then head up to PA for some fun at Hershey Park…and luckily for us, they stopped by to see us and spent a couple days hanging out here.


We went to the aquarium with them but since we’ve done the aquarium thing a million times and they haven’t, we kind of just went our separate ways once there. They really enjoyed themselves and took their time while we just did a couple things that we hadn’t done before…it worked out well that way.


I think the part that the kids really enjoyed though was just playing and hanging out. Landon loved having Deziree to hang out with and Harper and Cameron played some too, and when we went swimming they all had a great time. Zoe came down to the pool with us too, and sometimes I think you’d never know she was 17 years old! She’s always game for anything it seems!





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