Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playing with the Choo-Choo

A few mornings ago, Harper was looking for a toy to play with but just couldn’t find anything he wanted to do. We have a toy box and some baskets in our living room full of things for him to do, but it seems like he usually pulls out the same things to do over and over again. That particular morning, nothing was looking good to him until we came across this little mega blocks train set.


With Kota lying on the floor next to me, he and I set up his train and track and even built an extra tunnel for the train to go through. At this point in his life, he’s all about tunnels!

See, here’s Miss Kota. She was so happy lying next to me stretching her little legs. In between building the track and tunnels we would chat, she and I, and she’d even give me some of her great big smiles…


His favorite part of the train set is the little gates that the train passes through. He loves to watch as the train opens the gates and he rushes to close them again before the train makes it’s way back around the track.


We ended up playing with that toy train for about half an hour, which in 2 year old time is close to an eternity. It never ceases to amaze me how long he can sit and play when he’s truly captivated.


I wonder if Dakota will enjoy these toys as much as Harper has. I wonder too if she’ll learn to play the way he does just by living with him and watching him. I’m anxious to see…but, patient enough to realize it will be here quick enough.

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