Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rolly Pollies Fall Edition

The fall session of Rolly Pollies started today. My mother-in-law has been taking Harper for awhile now, but today I decided to go with them.


When we first started Rolly Pollies, Harper was pretty reserved and didn’t talk much. Boy has that changed! He knows exactly what to expect when he’s there and he is ready for all of it! Well, ready for everything except the moon bounce, which he still won’t go near!

I pretty much just hung back while my mother-in-law did all of the activities with him. (I was holding Dakota the entire time anyways.)  I don’t want to take over her time with him, but I do miss going and seeing what he does. He happily sat and sang the songs, and once the door was open to the gym, he was ready to knock anyone over that got in his way to get in! I loved watching him participate in each song and once the teacher got up to show the children the activities for the day he stood up to watch. (The teacher reminded him that before he could do the activities, he had to watch her demonstrate.) Once she gave them the go ahead, he was off! He ran around that place like he owned it! It was actually kind of cool to see him in action while not actively participating. It’s very different doing each activity with him or watching him do it from the side.

At the end of each class the teacher gives each child a stamp. The very first time we went he got stamped on each hand and foot as well as on his belly, so he totally expects that every time. If the teacher forgets, he usually will just pull up his shirt to remind them. It’s pretty adorable. He’s very proud of his stamps and he loves to show everyone! Today was funny though because the teacher told all the kids to stay with their adult while she went around and gave them their stamps. Harper wasn’t about to sit and wait! As soon as she turned her back to give the first stamp, he scooted his little bottom right up next to her to wait for his stamp! He sat patiently until she noticed him, and she was sweet and went ahead and gave my eager little boy his stamps. She did forget his tummy though, so he just kept sitting there waiting until I finally told her she’d forgotten. She quickly gave him his tummy stamp, and he was all smiles.

Next week he starts going to Rolly Pollies Art on Mondays and regular class on Wednesdays. I love that he’s getting to do so much and he’ll be keeping busy. I plan to go when I can, but I am so thankful that my mother-in-law is willing to take him so that he can continue to go and have fun even when I can’t.

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