Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Stars

To fill another rainy, overcast morning, Harper and I decided to do some painting. I didn’t want to do the regular old painting we always do though, so I pulled out an apple for us to use instead of paintbrushes.

Did you know that there are stars inside of apples? Harper didn’t. But, I showed him today, and now he’s a believer.


We got out our apple colored paints and got to work. Well, I got to work because all he wanted to do was eat an apple…so, I tested things out for him while he munched.


















I found that dipping the apples directly into the paint was not only messy, but didn’t leave the best prints. So, I ended up getting out our paintbrushes after all. Brushing the paint on the apples worked much better! Once Harper finished his apple, he was ready to give apple painting a go.










Every time I tried to help him do any part of this activity, he would just look at me and say “No, not mommy”. He was all about doing this himself. He really did do a pretty good job all on his own, and it’s a constant struggle not to help him do everything. My baby is just growing up on me!


You can kind of see the stars in his finished product, but even better than that is the fact that he enjoyed the process.

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