Saturday, October 6, 2012

Down on the Farm


Today we made our annual trip out to Green Meadow’s Farm. I’ve been to this farm every year (I think) for the past 15 years. It all started way back when Zoe was 2 years old and in daycare. The daycare did a big field trip there and she loved it so much, we just continued the tradition. It’s gotten quite expensive, but since it’s only once a year we figure it’s ok.


Our first stop was at the cow milking station, but none of my kids would even try it. Zoe and Landon have both done it in the past though, so I didn’t give them too hard a time about it. Harper loved watching the cow eat, but once he spotted a horse in the distance, he was done.

On our way to see the horse we stopped to pet some calves.


We made a pit stop at the pig pen too…



Then, we finally made it to the horse.



We also saw baby bunnies, ducklings and 2 week old piglets.











This mama pig is due October 16th. She looks like she’s so done being pregnant.


Next, we came to an area full of alpaca’s, goats and sheep. There was a lady giving out feed, and Landon and Harper both chose to feed some goats.



Cute alpaca:


Not so cute alpaca:


This goat thought the grass looked greener on the other side:


After feeding the goats, we headed over to see the ducks. Landon did his best to catch one, but never did actually get one. Harper just enjoyed chasing them around the pen. Poor things.



But, Landon was very successful in catching chickens! He must have caught at least 10! He was like the chicken whisperer or something.


We had a really nice time out on the farm, and the weather was perfect for the trip. This was the first year I’ve ever been that it wasn’t outrageously crowded, so that was a nice change too. When we were heading out, it was starting to get busy, so we timed it just right this year.

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