Saturday, October 6, 2012

I mustache you a question….

While browsing the Halloween aisle in Target the other day, I came across a package of sticker mustache’s thinking it would be fun to take a family photo with them. Today, since Zoe was home, I broke out the tripod and slapped a mustache on everyone’s face.


As you can see, Harper was less than thrilled about the whole thing. He actually wasn’t upset about his mustache though, just that we made him put down the iPad to get his picture taken. Poor Dakota was asleep when I put her mustache on, then we just kinda grabbed her for the photo…she looks a little suspicious about the whole thing, don’t cha think? Zoe’s kind of looks Hitler-esqe and Landon just looks squished, poor guy. Tony is wearing one, but it really kind of blends in with his natural look.

This one makes me laugh:


Both babies are crying, and I just can’t help but laugh because of those stupid mustache’s on the two of them! It’s just so ridiculous!

And this…


Well, this is what happens when you leave the camera unattended around an 11 year old boy. :)

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