Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Photo a Day (Day 18)

Today’s photo needed to be of something that “made me smile'”.


I got Harper a new game when we went out to the store today. When we go shopping, I always go straight to the toy area first so that I can find something he’ll play with in the cart while I shop. I NEVER actually buy the toy he plays with, and by the time we’re done shopping, he’s usually tired of it anyways, so it works for me. But today, I saw this game Gator Golf and thought it might be a fun new toy for us to play.

It was really funny watching him try to get the ball in the gator’s mouth! He just couldn’t figure it out. He was sitting on the floor next to it trying to use the club to knock it in, and when that wasn’t successful, he yanked open that alligator’s mouth and shoved the ball in! Ha! Definitely made me smile!

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