Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Touring Towson

After our adventure at the fall festival, we headed out to Towson for family weekend. Zoe was so excited for us to get there so that she could give us a tour of the campus. It was pretty chilly and windy out, but we made the most of our time.


Zoe took us all over the campus pointing out where her different classes were held, where all the other dorms were located and even showed us all the different places to hangout or eat. It’s a really nice campus and the grounds are very well kept. She doesn’t really have too far to walk from her dorm to any of her classes, but I’m sure those walks feel longer when it’s raining out!


After having some dinner at Pizza Palace (sketchy looking joint, excellent pizza) we loaded everyone in the van and headed home. It was so nice to get to see Towson from Zoe’s perspective. As a parent, I obviously see it differently than she does, so it was nice that she could show us what it is that she loves about her school.

As nice as it was to see her, it was still hard to leave without her…thankfully she’s only 40 minutes away and we can drive up to see her anytime we need a Zoe fix.

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