Friday, November 2, 2012

4 Months


We’ve already met the 4 month mark. Again, it feels like 4 years and 4 minutes all at the same time.

This little tyke is quite a lot of work. She is such a sweet little thing, but don’t you dare piss her off…she’ll let you know all about it! She’s been battling some serious congestion for the past couple of weeks and that has been hard on her (and us). She hasn’t been sleeping quite as easily as she had been and she’s a bit fussier because of that.

She drools like crazy and has just recently taken an interest in putting toys in her mouth. She likes to sit on my lap and chew on something, usually my finger. She also likes when I rub her gums, so I wonder if we’ll be seeing a tooth sometime in the near future. Hard to believe that in another few months she could be sitting up and taking her first bites of baby food!

She loves to watch the boys play while we hold her or she lays on the floor, but half of the time they scare her to death with their noise. Those boys are terribly loud sometimes!

Often, when we lay her on the floor to play, she’ll start her talking. She does some soft sounds and some gurgling, and then some louder sounds and even a screech or two now and then. I just love listening to her talk. She is also very responsive to us when we talk to her, and I notice her watching me whenever someone else is holding her. She’s very observant. One of my favorite things to do is to get her to smile. She has the greatest little toothless smile and a giggle that just about melts me. I wish I could bottle that smile and giggle forever.

I can’t imagine how much she’ll change over the next 4 weeks, but I know that if she keeps progressing like she has thus far, she’s going to be quite different at her 5 month update!

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