Thursday, December 6, 2012

Harper’s Reindeer

Today was rough. I had just been thinking about how well our week was going and how I was starting to feel like a normal human again and then wham! bad day. Five months after having Koko and I’m just now starting to feel like I can handle all of this. I’ve been doing it, but now I feel like I may even survive it.

But this morning, both babies were out of control. Crying, fussing, wanting to be held. Grumps. And, to make matters worse, Dakota had a rough night and early morning which meant I was also tired.  Double grumps.

At 10am I was desperate for naptime. More for me than anything. Not that I took a nap or even considered it…but, I probably should have. Instead of getting some sleep, I did the usual. Cleaned up the morning chaos, ate a quick lunch, did laundry, chose the evil chore of the day; you know, crap.

Even though our morning wasn’t the most pleasant, I did find a few minutes to make a little reindeer with Harps. Somehow I was able to put Dakota down long enough to trace Harper’s little hands (antlers) and foot (face) and cut them out.


He chose his googly eyes and pom pom nose and slapped them on with a little glue. That nose fell off a few times, but I think after half a bottle of glue, it’ll stay on now.

I should mention though, that even though I had a rough day, Zoe brightened it considerably with this text:


I love when she texts or calls me first. Then I feel like less of a burden/worrier, and know that she’s thinking of me just like I’m thinking of her.

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