Monday, December 10, 2012

Line em’ Up

Harper read a book about cars this morning and immediately afterwards asked me to get his cars out for him to play with. Landon saw that I was busy and offered to run downstairs and get them for me…sweet kid.

Harper played with the cars off and on for a good part of the day, but tonight when I walked over to see what he was up to, I saw that he was putting all of his cars in a long line.


He told me he was “putting them in a pile”. I had to get out my camera and take a picture though because it reminded me so much of Zoe when she was about his age. She had a habit of lining up her toys as well, but most famously, the dolls that she owned a the time. She would gather them all up and make one long continuous line through the living room with them. I think we have a picture of that somewhere…

I just thought it was kind of funny that he too likes to line up his toys. He also shares her interest in puzzles and her love of reading. It’s funny how I see so much of Zoe in him. I certainly see some of Landon’s qualities in him too, and then Harper is very much his own person. It makes me curious to see what little Koko’s gonna be like. I know one thing for sure, she is a feisty little thing! 

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