Friday, February 1, 2013


We woke up to a snow covered lawn. It was just a dusting, but it was still snowing when I got up at 6am, and it was quite beautiful to watch. It didn’t last long and I think it’s pretty much melted away now, but it was pretty while it lasted. We may get a little more tonight as well, but nothing to get too excited about.

When Landon noticed the snow he asked if school was delayed 2 hours. I said no, and then he got super excited and said “You mean it’s cancelled”? I hated to break it to him that it wasn’t cancelled either, but he wasn’t too disappointed…

He was actually in a great mood this morning and built Harper a little blanket fort to play in before he left.

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 006

When we tired of playing in the fort, we went into the living room to play.

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 013

Harper and I were playing with his kitchen set when he came across his blue mask. From that point on, he wore his mask while making me all kinds of good food to eat.

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 011

It’s nice that Dakota can sit up and play now. She likes to sit up and reach out and grab everything. I sat her up in front of me and dumper her basket of toys in front of her and she played that way for a good 20 minutes. In baby time, that’s like 4 years.

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 009

I really wonder what she thinks when she’s looking at all that in front of her. She certainly knows what she wants when she’s looking in there and doesn’t hesitate to go after it She’ll grab one thing, chew on it for a minute or two, toss it and move on to something else.

Once she tired of sitting there, I pulled out her vanity so she could check herself out.

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 016

Harper ended up playing with all of his kitchen stuff for nearly 45 minutes. He was just so very content today; it was nice. While they were playing at my feet, I had grabbed some paper and my heart punch so that Harper could do a little gluing once he was ready.

We went to the table and he was very eager to get ahold of the glue stick! :)

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 023

He got to glue the hearts onto the black paper, but only after I told him how many he was going to glue. So, I’d say, you can glue 4 hearts on this page and he’d count out four and then get to glue them on. He did great counting and gluing all by himself.

I guess all that indoor play wasn’t enough to tire him out though because he didn’t take a nap today. I had him stay in bed for an hour (checking on him every 20 minutes or so) but when the hour was up, I let him get up. I think it’s just mean to make him stay in there any longer than that. I told him I had some things to do, so he’d have to sit in my office and play the iPad while I finished what I needed to do. He was happy to cuddle up with a blanket and pillows and play games while I worked. Zoe’s home this weekend, and he was pretty happy to see her. She ended up joining him on the floor:

2013-02-01 001 2013-02-01 027

We ended up staying home all day and it turned out to be a pretty good day. The hardest part about staying home is keeping the two babies entertained; but going out with them can be even harder!

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