Sunday, March 24, 2013


  • The squirrels helped themselves to our bird feeders and one by one they all fell to the ground. I did see some birds nibbling on them though, so I was happy the squirrels didn’t hog it all!
  • Dakota loves to play with this activity cube these days. She likes to open and close the little doors, and play with the beads on the top part.
2013-03-24 001 2013-03-19 003
  • Zoe and I took the two babies to the mall one day last week. We mostly went just to get out of the house and to let Harper blow off some steam in the play area.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-19 010

  • Zoe is a ton of help with the babies when she’s here. I think her favorite thing to do is read to Harper before nap time…and it sure make nap time easier for me when I only have to deal with one baby at a time! (And, Harper LOVES the attention from his big sister!)

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-19 012

  • We had some decent weather this week. Not exactly warm, but not freezing either. Spring is somewhere out there…

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-19 021

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-19 027

  • Zoe had two papers to write and one book to read while on break. She still reads while listening to music. My brain just isn’t able to do that.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-20 007

  • One day last week we were sitting in the library when I saw Tony’s car pull up. Both babies were watching him walk up to the house, but when he took too long, Dakota found Harper more interesting.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-20 015

  • Since the weather was decent, Landon was sweet and took Harper out to jump on the trampoline a little bit.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-20 030

  • Every time I tell Harper I’m going to make something to eat, he drags a chair over to the stove area to help. He loves to watch me crack the eggs and he always says “Hey! The eggs are yellow!” Every time.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-21 006

  • Zoe and Brandon needed something to keep them busy so I suggested they make cookies. They did, and they were delicious. I love having the two of them around.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-21 012

  • Harper and Dakota playing one morning. I love when they play together like that.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-21 015

  • I love when this big brother reads to this little brother too. Landon doesn’t love to read the way Harper and Zoe do, so it’s really something when he’ll stop what he’s doing when Harper asks him to read to him.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-22 002

  • Harper sitting at the table having lunch. He looks like such a little baby to me in this photo. He is a baby really, just don’t tell him that. He says he’s a big boy.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-23 004

  • Zoe helped me feed Dakota her lunch. Dakota wasn’t sure what to think about it.

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-23 014

2013-03-24 001 2013-03-23 011

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