Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Last weekend we mentioned to Harper that we’d be changing his crib into a big boy bed sometime soon. We’ve kept him in his crib this long because he was just so happy with it. He never tried to climb out or anything, until just recently.

I took this picture of him sleeping yesterday because I thought he looked cute with his hands sticking through the side of the bed. Little did I know it’d be the last time he slept in his bed while it was still set up as a crib.

2013-04-12 001 2013-04-12 011

He’s been asking every day when he was going to get his big boy bed, so last night Tony grabbed his tools and set about converting it to a toddler bed. While Tony worked, Harper checked out all the tools. He was pretty excited about the whole thing.


As soon as the front of the bed came off, he climbed right up! He couldn’t resist jumping on the mattress just a little, then he just plopped down and had the biggest smile.


We put up a folding rail and that was that. He didn’t cry about it, and even better, he stayed put all night. I’m not even sure he’s thought about the fact that he can get up on his own! Hopefully it’ll take him awhile before he figures that out.


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