Friday, April 12, 2013

Deck Pool, Take 2

While Thursday wasn’t as warm as Wednesday, it was still nice enough to fill up our makeshift pool.



While Koko enjoyed playing with all the toys in the pool, Harper was busy filling up a bucket with water, then dumping the water on the deck and listening to the big splash he’d hear beneath him. I lost count of how many times he did that, but it sure entertained him for a good while.


He kept saying “Mommy! Did you hear that?”


I had to run an errand as soon as Tony got home from work, so I left him on the deck with the kids. I ran in the house to get my stuff, but when I looked back, this is what I saw…


Poor Harper. He’s always so upset when I go anywhere. He didn’t cry this time though, he just gave me that sad look, then went about eating his popsicle.


Dakota wasn’t sad. Not in the least! She was thrilled to stand up and slap the glass door!


It’s the little things people.

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