Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Box

When we had our table delivered a couple days ago, it came in two gigantic boxes. The one that had the chairs in it was the perfect size to make a little house out of, so I hung on to it thinking Harper would enjoy it.

It’s chilly again today, so today was the perfect opportunity to pull out the box for playtime.

2013-04-25 001 2013-04-25 006

As happy as he was to just climb in and sit with his animals and pillows, I finally convinced him to let me cut a few windows so he’d be able to see once the “door” was closed.

2013-04-25 001 2013-04-25 008

I can’t decide if he looks like an inmate or zoo animal. Cute either way, that’s for sure!

2013-04-25 001 2013-04-25 012

Once Dakota woke up from her nap she just had to get in on the action. She wouldn’t go inside, but she liked to watch her brother through the windows!

Oh, and here’s a look at the new table. It’s in the gazebo on the deck and I just love it. We had dinner out there last night and I know we’ll be spending lots of time out there from now on.

2013-04-24 001 2013-04-24 071

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