Monday, September 16, 2013

Enough Already

It sure seems like we’ve had our share of drama around here lately. Last week was that awful accident with Mema and Harps, and now this week there was a shooting incident very close to where Tony works.

I’ll start at the beginning.

Tony texted me this morning around 8:30am letting me know he’d just gotten to work because of a massive traffic jam after a produce truck overturned on the highway. He usually makes it to work before 7am because he leaves so early, so he was in traffic for quite some time.

After some brief texts I went about my morning as usual as the kids and I were planning on going to playgroup at the library. We had just gotten on the road to the library when Tony called. Our convo went something like this:

Me: Hi? (We’d already talked earlier so I couldn’t figure out why he was calling again.)

Him: I just wanted to call to let you know I’m fine.

Me: Huh?

Him: I didn’t know if you’d seen what Aunt Martha had put on Facebook this morning, so I wanted to let you know I’m fine.

Me: What are you talking about?

Him: Well, there was a shooter at the Navy Yard this morning and although it didn’t happen in my building, we are on lockdown, but I’m fine and just wanted to let you know.

Me: What the hell? A shooter? Where? When? Why? Who?

He explained to me what he knew, which really wasn’t much, and then we got off the phone. I knew he was okay but I couldn’t help but go down that road…you know the one. The one where you have to think about what if. What if it’d been his building. What if he’d been walking in at the same time the shooter had been…after all, he was arriving at work much later than usual and around the same time the guy started shooting random people as they did their job.

As sad as I am for those families that lost someone today, I am ever so grateful to have my husband safe at home. When he got home I couldn’t wait to hug him. Zoe was here and she too was eager to give him a giant hug…of course the little’s had no idea, but they got some lovin’ too, just because.

Tony assured us that he was never in any direct danger regardless of the lockdown. He said he didn’t even know anything was going on until his mom called him to check that he was okay! He said it wasn’t an immediate lockdown and he’d had no idea anything was going on because their building is quite a ways away from the one that the shooter was in. Crazy shit, huh?

Hug those you love, people. Let them know you love them & often. You just never know what could happen.

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