Monday, September 9, 2013

Hot Date at the Grocery Store

This weekend was jam packed full of stuff. So much to do in such a short amount of time, but somehow we got it all in.

Saturday morning Landon had tutoring, then a soccer game at noon. While the boys didn’t pull out a win, they played well. I’m sure hoping we can get at least one win this season…it’s tough on morale to keep coming so close yet walking away with a loss.

2013-09-09 001 2013-09-07 006

The two little kids were pretty good during the game, but it was hot and I didn’t have time to grab any toys for them to play with, so we spent much of the game walking around the field. After eating their picnic lunch they dug in the dirt, walked up a big hill, tripped over a soccer net (many, many times) and just generally kept themselves occupied while we tried to catch a few glimpses of the game.

After the game we went home for a rest. Haha! REST?! Got ya! No, I think I did laundry, picked up toys and cleaned a bathroom. Dakota rested (she lives the good life). Tony…I don’t remember what he did and Landon was supposed to do homework (but never actually did any) and Harper played with toys and then my iPad. But, none of that even matters. I just don’t want anyone to think there was any rest going on around here…

Once Kota got up, Tony wanted to keep them from getting into trouble so he trapped them in our tunnel.

2013-09-09 001 2013-09-07 002

It worked pretty well until he decided he didn’t want to be trapped in there with them anymore. Needless to say, they both got loose and tore the house apart. Just the usual, really.

Mema invited us over for dinner on Saturday night, so we headed over there around 4:30. After dinner, Tony and I wanted to go out on a hot date, so we grabbed our grocery list and went to Wegmans to get our shopping done. You know you’re jealous.

We shopped for our weekly groceries while Mema watched the kiddo’s. It was quite nice, actually. There were no fighting kids, no one wanted in and out of the cart, no one needed to pee when we were just done strapping them into their car seat. Tony and I may or may not have even brushed hands as we reached for the same box of rice, but I’ll never tell! *blush*

After our blissful shopping experience Tony and I skipped over to Dunkin Donuts for some ice cream. We’re really adventurous like that. He got a scoop of strawberry and I got a chocolate chip shake. Devilish, huh?

After all the fun we had we raced back to get the kids so that we could get them home and in bed at their regularly scheduled bed times. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going to get in the way of us getting those two little stinkers to bed on time. Not even a hot night out at the grocery store.

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