Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a good time last night. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but it’s always fun to see the kids all dressed up. Chris, Lori, Lauren and Lea came over to walk around the neighborhood with us. (Travis had to work and Zoe has a class on Thursday nights.)

Landon all dressed up and ready to scare some kids hand out candy.

2013-11-01 001 2013-10-31 040

Harper decided to be Buzz Lightyear.

2013-11-01 001 2013-10-31 023

Dakota was Little Red Riding Hood.

2013-11-01 001 2013-10-31 027

Lauren was the Mad Hatter.

2013-11-01 001 2013-10-31 024

Lea was a sparkly Witch.

2013-11-01 001 2013-10-31 017

Dakota is really leery of people she doesn’t know, so trick-or-treating wasn’t her favorite. However, seeing people drop candy into her bucket sure made her happy and she did warm up to the whole thing as the night progressed. Once she got her first bag of M&M’s she was done with the trick-or-treat part and was ready to have her snack.

Harper was funny because he was just so excited about the whole thing he literally couldn’t stay on his feet. He must have fallen down 5 times in his rush to get to the next house. Once he’d get to the door he’d very sweetly say trick-or-treat and then closely watch what the person would put in his bucket. As soon as it was in, he’d grab it out to examine what it was. He’d usually turn back to the person and say thank you and tell them how much he liked what they’d given him. I kept worrying someone would give him something he didn’t like and that he’d have a meltdown in someone’s yard, but luckily, it didn't happen.

It started to rain a bit so I went home with Dakota. She was tired of the whole thing anyways and I wasn’t about to give her any more candy. Tony came home with Harper not long after and told me that when one man gave Harper candy Harper asked him what he’d just put in his bucket. The man pointed at a couple pieces and I guess Harper was satisfied and said “Oh, ok”. I don’t know if he was testing the guy or what. I just think it’s funny Harper decided to ask the guy what he gave him! :)

It’s crazy that another Halloween has come and gone already. I know our family sure looks forward to it every year and it just seems to be over in a blink.

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