Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Adventures of Peppermint the Elf

Our Elf Peppermint made her debut back on December 1st. She’s been doing all kinds of stuff around here, but nothing naughty really. Harper doesn’t really get the whole “elf watching you for Santa” thing yet, so she’s just somewhat amusing for him right now. Dakota of course doesn’t get it at all and Landon asks every night if he can be the one to move her. So, in other words, it’s pretty pointless.

But, I like to imagine I’m some sort of Mom who’s got her crap together, so I move that damn thing every night and smile in the morning when the kids “find” her. I put quotes on find because I usually have to point her out because little kids don’t know how to actually look for anything. Even when it’s sitting right in the middle of the couch. Yes, even then.

Anyways, here’s what she’s been up to.

The first morning she was sitting with a wrapped gift. Inside was a brand new Christmas book! Harper was thrilled to get to unwrap a present!



Day 2. Peppermint is playing with the felt board.


Day 3. She brought Harper and Dakota a little stuffed toy from the North Pole. Not sure why she had to put them in the bird cage…




Day 4. She brought some paint supplies and a couple ornaments to decorate.


2013-12-04 002 2013-12-04 003

2013-12-04 002 2013-12-04 007

Day 5. She left materials to make a paper chain.



Day 6. Peppermint is scaling an ornament.


Day 7. Peppermint gives the Snowman a smooch. (This is one of those I forgot to move it the night before and had to think quick the morning of.)


Day 8. Peppermint had her hand sticking in one of the doors to the Lego Advent calendar, but I didn’t get a picture before she was discovered and moved to get to the calendar pieces. Oops!

Day 9. Peppermint was found building with the blocks. After finding her here, Harper spent the better part of the morning building with these same blocks. This was his favorite so far.


Day 10. Peppermint made herself at home in the castle. (Dakota loved this and spent a long time playing with that castle afterwards.)


Day 11. Peppermint got herself stuck in a box. (Harper thought this was pretty funny and told her he’d save her…which he did.)


That’s all so far. Guess I better go figure out what to do with her tonight!

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