Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey’s in the Tub

I bring some toys to my parents house when we visit, but there’s only so much room in the van so it’s just a few things. I certainly don’t bring bath toys with us, and the kids really like to sit in the tub to play a bit before going to bed. When I came across an idea to use foam in the bathtub to create shapes, I knew it was something I could easily make for them.

I had Zoe draw and cut out (enough for two) a turkey body, beak, snood, eyes, wings, feet and feathers. Then we just dropped it all in the tub and the kids did the rest.



They happily played with the pieces every night after we made them. Even Landon had a little fun playing with them! HIs really make me laugh though because he couldn’t figure out what half the pieces were! :)

2013-11-28 003 2013-11-28 004

2013-11-28 003 2013-11-28 003

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