Tuesday, January 28, 2014

December Daily (Last 5 Days) & Mother Goose







Today was Harper’s first day back at school. He wasn’t real eager to go so I started telling him about all the fun he was going to have and I told him that someone special, Mother Goose, was going to come and visit his school. Well, I shouldn’t have ever mentioned Mother Goose. He was totally freaking out about it and kept crying that he didn’t want to see Mother Goose. It took me awhile to talk him off that ledge, but I was able to do it successfully.

So, we got to school and he was feeling confident again until the mom came up to the van to help him out. He was being silly and didn’t want to get out so she told him very excitedly “Guess what! Mother Goose is coming for a visit!” Well, she didn’t know that that was totally the wrong thing to say and Harper was just about in tears and didn’t want to go inside. The other mom took one look at me and said “I guess that wasn’t the right thing to tell him,huh?” I kinda laughed and told her it was fine, and somehow we were able to get Harps out of the van. Once she had him out, I quickly yelled my goodbye’s, closed the door and got out of there.

When I picked him up from school his teacher told me that Harper had been very hesitant about Mother Goose, but that he hadn’t cried. She said he sat in the back under the table but happily watched the show. I don’t know what he thought Mother Goose was going to do, but I’m glad he was brave and stuck it out.

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