Monday, February 10, 2014

All About Monday


This morning, after Landon left for school, the two little’s and I headed to the library for Babies In Bloom (story time for newborn-18 months). My kids were the oldest there, but we didn’t care! They both had a great time and behaved beautifully. If only all trips out were that easy…

Both kids really enjoyed the songs and finger plays and both of them were pretty content to do them on their own. Some of them called for a parents help and luckily they were happy to take turns since I was by myself.

Starting next month they will be doing story times once a week instead of once a month, so we’ll be going back to the library on a regular basis. It’s great to have something fun and FREE to do once a week! I’m excited!


I’m not sure why/how it happened, but at bedtime tonight, Landon ended up reading Dakota her books. I was fine with it, but I had to give him some pointers since it was his first time. (Dakota likes things just so.)


She kept snuggling into him and he kept giggling and saying “She’s so cute! She’s just so cute!” It was a sweet moment between the two of them.


When she was done with him she showed him to the door and closed it behind him! Haha! She’s just a girl who knows what she wants.

When I was done rocking her I walked down the hall and caught “boy story time” in action.


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