Sunday, February 16, 2014


We started our day with a major grocery trip to Costco. Not a favorite thing to do, but very necessary! Afterwards we had lunch at Chili’s. It always seems a bit ironic to go spend all that money on groceries and then go out to eat afterwards, but we do it every single time.

As soon as we walked into the mall Dakota spotted the kiddie merry go round and it’s all she could think about. I told her I’d take her on ride if I had any money, and when I pulled out some money I said “oh! I have two dollars!” and she said “dollar!” I, of course, was thrilled that she said dollar so off we went to the ride. (Harper had no interest in going because he’d found a game to play on daddy’s phone!)

On her way to the Merry Go Round
Hanging on to the doggies ears.

She wanted to ride a third time but I only had two bucks on me so she had to be happy with going twice.

Dakota really seems to be becoming interested in words these days. She’s being much more vocal and is trying to say new words all the time now. A few new ones include: mon! (come on), Ha Ha (Harper), eat!, drink, shhh!, sit, neck (not sure why she likes that one so much), and nose. I’m excited that she’s finally becoming more interested in language…maybe there’ll be a little less shrieking in my near future?

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