Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey! Those Aren’t Day Clothes!

Since we got a little more snow overnight last night, the public schools opened 2 hours late this morning. I wasn’t too upset about school being late, I was just glad it wasn’t cancelled altogether. It did suck for Harper though because when the county opens two hours late his morning preschool class is cancelled.

I was not in the mood to sit in the house all day though and neither were the kids but I coulnd’t think of a single thing to do so we stayed home and made up things to do. For instance, we blew up balloons and then tried to keep them in the air as long as possible…



Then we brought up the board game Balloon Lagoon, and had fun playing that for a little while. I was surprised at how much of this game Harper understood. He was able to do everything except flip the frogs into the pond…and that’s hard for anyone to do! Dakota enjoyed playing with the pieces and eventually took some of them to the kitchen set to cook. Smile


I decided to make the kids sandwiches for lunch, but when I got in the kitchen and realized there wasn’t any bread, I immediately decided we were heading out to McDonalds for lunch! I thought it would be good to get them out for just a short bit, and they were excited when I mentioned it.

They played nicely in the play area with two other kids that were there. Harper is quite the talker though! He asked the other kids mom all kinds of questions. What’s your name, what are your kids names, did you like your lunch, do you have a dad at your house etc… He also talked to the kids, but they were a bit shy so Harper just talked and talked for everyone. He told one of the little boys that he looked funny and then told him that his face was dirty. Then, to the other little boy, he said “hey, those aren’t day clothes, those are pj’s!” which was true! Thankfully the other mom didn’t get bent out of shape about any of it! She laughed and laughed and kept telling me how cute he was…and then she also told me she had 5 boys so she understood! Phew!

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