Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saturday at Mema’s

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Mema and Umpa’s house for dinner. It was such a nice afternoon that as soon as we got there, the kids headed outside to play. Zoe, Brandon and Landon brought Harper and Dakota in the back yard but before I knew it Harps and Koko were back in the house with us. They were ready for dinner so they couldn’t think about playing until they’d eaten. But, the big kids stayed outside and had fun playing monkey in the middle with Mema’s big green ball.



After dinner we all headed back outside where the kids were happy to run around and play. I went in the house for something and when I came back out Tony, Brandon and Landon were all up in the tree.




I’m SOOOOO looking forward to more nights like that one! Love all the opportunities for play when it’s nice outside!

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