Monday, April 14, 2014

Sports Camp: Volleyball

Today the kids got to try volleyball. I thought volleyball might be a pretty far stretch for a bunch of 3-5 year olds, but they actually did pretty well.


They started with their usual warm up, which is running back and forth across the court. Then they played a new game called heads and tails. The “heads” were to run around the court while the “tails” followed them as closely as possible. It took a little bit before they all understood what they were supposed to be doing, but they did eventually get it. (There were only 5 kids today because we’re on spring break up here at the moment.)

After all the running they were each given a ball that they were to try to toss up in front of them and then catch. They did this for awhile and then the coach showed them how to hold the ball out on one hand and then hit it underneath with the opposite hand. They did that for quite awhile and it was pretty funny at first…

But, after awhile, they (sorta) got that too. Last, but not least, the kids practiced bumping the ball with their forearms. They had partners toss the ball to them and they were shown how to hold out their arms to try to bump the ball back. It was chaotic, but they were having a good time. Eventually a short net was pulled out for the kids to try to bump the ball back and forth over and they all loved that!

I was surprised how much the kids were actually able to do today. I didn’t have much hope for volleyball, but they did great! There are only 3 weeks left and the three sports left to try are football, lacrosse and tennis.


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