Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heading Home

Thanksgiving Day was so much fun that I wish it had lasted a bit longer. We aren’t big black Friday shoppers so we didn’t get up early to hit stores, but my mom did offer to keep the kids while we went shopping for a bit, so Tony and I went. We hadn’t planned to buy much but we ended up finishing up for the two youngest, which is really nice! Now we’ve just got to get Landon done and Zoe a few things as well.

When he and I got back mom, Tish and I jumped right back in the car and headed to Carolina Pottery! I couldn’t quit thinking about these two adorable snowmen that I wanted so I just had to go back and get them!

Once we were home for the night, we spent our time packing and gathering up a weeks worth of stuff. Making sure 7 people get out the door with everything they came with is a huge task!

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to start our journey home. We stopped for breakfast at Burger King (instead of McD’s or Dunkin for a change) and it was there that Harper started complaining of a tummy ache. He wasn’t acting too out of it though so I wasn’t too worried. Turns out I should have been because the next 10 hours in the car were terrible for him (and me!)! He vomited the entire way home. What a fiasco! I certainly wasn’t prepared for a sick kid in the car and we ended up having to pull over several times for clean up and supplies. I bought a box of trash bags and made sure to have one open and on my lap for the entire ride home. That poor guy was just miserable.

Luckily, the virus was fairly short lived. He woke up Sunday morning still feeling ill, and he finished emptying his belly and then it was all up hill from there. He felt much better and it was perfect timing because we wanted to take Zoe out to celebrate her 20th birthday!

I don’t want to write about Zoe’s birthday on the same page as the one about Harper puking though, so that’ll (hopefully) be tomorrow nights entry!

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Leslie said...

Oh man.. sorry about the drive. Yuck. Glad that all is well now.

You were brave to head out there shopping on black friday!!! This was the first year in as far as I can remember that I didn't have to work it.. so I savored the day and stayed home! : )

Have a wonderful weekend.

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