Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow, Rolly Pollies and Lego’s

With all the time Harper has had off of school lately, it sure was nice to get to take him to school for a bit today. He’s really missing the routine we had going and I’m missing it as well. He will have school Friday but they are out again on Monday…but after that we should have several normal weeks, unless mother nature messes it up for us!

After dropping Harper off at school I took Dakota to her last Rolly Pollies session. It’s her last one for a while because she keeps telling me she doesn’t want to go. I figure why spend the money if she isn’t having fun anymore? Same thing with Harper, his last one was today too. Since it was her last one, I was sure to get a few pictures.





I think we’ll probably be back at some point, but right now it’s time to try something new. I’ve started looking for a replacement but haven’t decided 100% on anything just yet.

As we were having our typical Wednesday lunch at Chick-Fil-A, a little bit of snow began to fall. By the time Dakota and I got home, there was just enough to cover the grass and part of the road (Harper went on to Rolly Pollies with Mema.). It was the good, heavy kind that kinda smacks you in the cheeks as it falls. Heavy on the tree branches and perfect for eating…at least that’s how it looked.



As soon as Harper got home from Rolly Pollies he wanted to work on a Lego set we’d started the day before. I told him yesterday that I thought he might be old enough to work on it by himself a bit and sure enough, he nearly did the entire thing by himself!


I had to help on a few pieces, but he really did do most of the work himself. It didn’t take him much more than 30 minutes to complete and once he was done building it he sat and played with it for a good while. Dakota liked it too and she sat and played with it for a good 15 minutes once he was done!

When Tony got home from work today, the kids asked him to take them outside. (They asked me, of course, but I told them I wasn’t doing it today, so they went to daddy.) Tony wasn’t thrilled about it, but he did get his coat on and take them out for a little bit. They didn’t last too long though because it was pretty cold out.



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