Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ice Skating for Lea’s Fifth Birthday

This afternoon we all went to Lea’s 5th birthday party. They held her party at our local ice skating rink, and it was a lot of fun! Landon and Harper had never been ice skating before, but they were both ready to give it a try. Dakota wasn’t even about to get skates on, but she was happy running around and watching all the action.

Here’s Landon getting the hang of it:


He got comfortable enough that he was willing to give Harper a hand. They used this little walker to start…


And then they just went out without it. They weren’t out there long, but they both did great!


Harper gave it one final try with Landon on one side and his cousin Travis on the other. After this though, Harper was done. Landon skated and skated though, he had a great time!


Here’s Dakota racing Landon:


Here’s the cute little birthday girl! Can’t believe she’s 5 already!


Here’s a pic of Tony and I being silly while watching the kiddo’s:


And, here’s Kota hamming it up for my camera!


We had a really fun time and on the way home Harper let out the biggest yawn and said “Gosh I’m tired!” I guess we wore their little butt’s out this weekend!

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