Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swim Lesson #3

Last week the kids had their third swim lesson. They missed two weeks because of snow and they were both a little nervous about going back since it’d been awhile. Dakota was really protesting but I did my best to remind her how much she enjoyed swimming and when we got to the pool she seemed to remember and off she went. (It helped that my mom was there to encourage her as well.)

They had the teacher they had the first week and both kids remembered her.


They got right to work once in the pool. She had them floating on their backs, with support, and I am amazed at how relaxed they are! Tony and I couldn’t get either of them to do that last summer. They also practiced blowing bubbles, kicking their legs/feet correctly and played a game with the rubber ducks. Then she took them down to the deeper end and had them jumping in to her. She held their hands and made sure they went under water each time.


When she brought them back to the side of the pool, she had them get out on their own. I was happy she was able to teach them how to hoist themselves out of the water; it’ll sure come in handy this summer!



Near the end of the class she dropped a ring on the bottom of the pool (at the shallow end, of course) and they had to go to the bottom to retrieve it.  Harper did a lot of the work on his own and after four tries he finally got the ring. Dakota had a lot more help but she had to take a couple dives down before she could grab it. I was really amazed at how well they did and they both came out very happy. They are really enjoying their lessons and I just love watching them do their thing!

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