Thursday, May 7, 2015

Preschool Mother’s Day Gift

On Wednesday, when I went to pick Harper up from preschool, the kids all lined up outside to sing a mothers day song they’d been working on:

You’ll have to follow the link below to see it because YouTube and my computer aren’t working together right now…

The song was so sweet (sorry about all the movement with my recording but I was trying to hang on to Dakota, record and keep eye contact with Harper) and Harper kept looking over at me and giving me the cutest little smile. I love that he remembered all the hand gestures that went with the song and that he kept it a complete secret!

When we got home I found a little gift he’d made in school:



Harper was so proud of his bouquet of flowers! It was strange how real that bouquet was because when I “smelled” them, my eyes watered a bit from the “pollen”. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Long Time No Write…


Anyone there?

Sorry about the extended break but it was absolutely necessary. There are so many things going on that I need to put into writing here, but little time to do it. I can’t promise anything regular (honestly, I haven’t ever been able to promise that anyways!) but I’ll try to post something when I can/ feel like it!


We are entering the home stretch of school and everyone is feeling ready. Harper only has until the end of this month while Landon has till mid June. Zoe graduates on May 20th. It’s going to be a whirlwind month for us with graduations/visitors/parties, but it should be lots of fun!

Speaking of parties…we were at Mema’s house today while Harper was at school and I over heard a conversation between Dakota and Mema about Dakota’s upcoming birthday. Upcoming in July, but hey, you can never talk about your birthday too much, right? Anyways, she keeps telling everyone she’s going to be four instead of three because Harper’s four and he’s awesome so she figures being four must be awesome too. We keep correcting her but she pretty much insists that she’s going to have a birthday and be 4. Mema was telling her she’d have a birthday cake and candle and when she blew out the candles she’d have to make a wish. Dakota didn’t say anything but when Mema asked her what she’d wish for she said “purple”. I’m not sure what she means exactly, but I love it! Maybe this years party will be a purple one…who knows.

Last night we picked up a bucket of fried chicken and wen to a park for dinner and play time. There were caterpillars everywhere which was like a dream come true for Harper and a nightmare for Dakota. Landon isn’t afraid of them but he sure didn’t enjoy them crawling all over him while he ate! Harper brought one to the park and as he walked to the playground he kept telling kids he’d found a caterpillar. Before we knew it he had a few kids following him around admiring his “pet”. He let each kid have a turn holding the caterpillar and that poor creature probably had more adventure than it’d bargained for. They took it on the slide, climbed walls, even put it on the swing and gave it a good push or two! Eventually Harper was running with it in his hand and he dropped it so the fun ended there, but I’m sure the caterpillar was probably relieved!


While we were watching Harper and Dakota play, Landon was busy being silly and making a fool of himself. He was attempting to climb up the fire pole and he was just being plain silly. Then, I dared him to run and jump on the swings on his belly. He hesitated for a long time but he finally gave in and went for it! It was so damned funny! I even got video!

Notice how the other two kids start to leave once they see that big dummy? Made it even funnier!

Water Balloons

When my kids told me they didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday I suggested they go outside and play with the water balloons....