Thursday, May 7, 2015

Preschool Mother’s Day Gift

On Wednesday, when I went to pick Harper up from preschool, the kids all lined up outside to sing a mothers day song they’d been working on:

You’ll have to follow the link below to see it because YouTube and my computer aren’t working together right now…

The song was so sweet (sorry about all the movement with my recording but I was trying to hang on to Dakota, record and keep eye contact with Harper) and Harper kept looking over at me and giving me the cutest little smile. I love that he remembered all the hand gestures that went with the song and that he kept it a complete secret!

When we got home I found a little gift he’d made in school:



Harper was so proud of his bouquet of flowers! It was strange how real that bouquet was because when I “smelled” them, my eyes watered a bit from the “pollen”. 

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