Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monday Bowling

We headed to the bowling alley Monday morning to use our summer bowling passes. We met up with Harper's friend Colin, his little brother Wyatt and their mom, Lisa. The kids had a GREAT time bowling so I'm thinking that I'll try to get them there once a week. It's a great way to kill a few hours away from the heat and it's free so that makes it even better!

Dakota was little miss independent, as usual, and wouldn't let anyone help her hold the ball or bowl. She even got the ball for Wyatt when it was his turn to bowl. (Wyatt is turning 2 next week so they're about a year apart. Dakota just loves him because he seems like a baby to her and we all know how much she LOVES babies!)

Harper bowled a 107 on his second game! He used a ramp and gutter guards but still! :) He had so much fun bowling and it was even better that his buddy Colin was there. They cheered each other on and kept an eye on who was in the lead. It was fun listening to them!

I thought the kids would take much longer bowling two games than they actually did. We got there around 9:30 am and they were done before 11. We decided to go to a nearby park to let them run around and play a bit. Harper and Dakota's favorite part of going to that playground was running up and down the hill. Harper must have done it a dozen times.

When they were good and worn out we packed up and headed home. It was probably one of the quietest car rides ever...I guess they were worn out! :) 

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