Wednesday, January 6, 2016

John's Hopkins Hearing Test

This morning Tony and I drove Dakota back to John's Hopkins for a hearing test and an appointment with her audiologist, Dr. Skinner. Our appointment was at 9am so we left the house at 7:45 to be there on time. (Driving into the city is hit or miss; sometimes traffic sucks and other times traffic isn't too bad.) Mema came over to get Harper off to school which was really nice of her. I know the last thing anyone wants to do on a freezing cold morning is get in their car and drive...but, she did it for us and I'm so thankful.

The last time we went to Hopkins we had a pretty good visit and we weren't kept waiting for hours which was terrific. This time went the same way luckily. We checked into the hospital right around 8:45 am and were in the listening center before 9. Dakota did a great job cooperating and doing as she was asked (we are put in a soundproof room where Dakota wears headphones and is asked to let the technician know when she hears a sound. For instance, they play a game that when she hears a tweet sound she has to catch the birdie or she'll be asked to touch her hair, touch her leg, touch her nose etc.). This part of the exam only lasted a few minutes and we were told that the results very closely mimicked what we found last time (normal hearing is 0-20, her's is slightly abnormal with a 25/30 range).

Once we were done there we were put into another waiting area but were only there for about 5 minutes before the nurse came to get us. We went into a room where they took all of our info and her vitals and then we waited for the doctor. One doctor came in and did an exam (I don't remember her name) and she said she thought she saw a slight perforation on Dakota's right eardrum so then she had Dr. Skinner come in and take a look. Dr. Skinner didn't see the same thing I guess because she didn't mention anything abnormal and said Dakota's ears looked perfect. I'm always so relieved when they tell us this! We chatted a little about her progress with regards to speech therapy and then we were on our merry way out the door, just before 10 am. Awesome.

On the way back to our place we made a pit stop at Zoe's to visit her and her kitty cats. Dakota's been asking to go over there forever so why not? Dakota had the best time playing with the cats!

Tony is a serious cat lover too, so he enjoyed himself as well. No one can resist holding Zephy like a little baby. She's such a sweet little cat.

*Zoe just took her Christmas tree down and because her apartment is so small she stores it at Mema's house. We'd been there for awhile when Dakota walked over to the bag the tree's in and asked "So, who's in there?" I just about died laughing! It does look like someone could be in there:

*As we were driving into the city this morning we turned down a side street and I noticed this:

I'm not sure how a tree is growing out the side of that building but you sure don't see something like that everyday! I wish I'd been able to get out of the car to get a better shot!

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