Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break, Day 5

Wednesday started slowly for us. It was quite chilly outside so we spent the morning lounging around the camper. It wasn't until after lunch that we got off our butt's and headed outside. Landon and I decided to take Tony and the little kids out to our hiking find from a few days before...

Harper and Dakota were content to run up and down the water throwing rocks in. It was super windy and a bit too chilly to get in but had it been 5 degree's warmer I doubt I could have kept them from getting in. 

At one point Landon decided to walk along a fallen tree to get a better view and photo. Can you see him? He was pretty high up there!

We spent quite a long time out there and then we headed back to camp. It was just about a mile each way so the kiddo's were spent when we got back. After resting a little we took a couple bouncy balls and went to the hill that was nearby. 

Back at camp the little kids made up a game using rocks. sticks, leaves and other found items. They pretended like their nature pieces were different animals and had a great time using their imagination. I loved listening to them talk about what they were doing...they sure kept each themselves entertained.

That pretty much wraps up day 5...

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