Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break, Day 7

Our final day of vacation was spent at the campground for the most part. (Tony and I did drive an hour away to a town called Seiverville so that I could go to an amazing scrapbook store! It was awesome and so worth the drive!) When we got back from the store we all went on a long hike to the scenic overlook. It was quite a hill but the kids did great!

On our way back down Tony and Landon decided to follow a trail while my mom, the two little kids and I made our way back to camp. We'd followed a road most of the way down but it was a little scary with the cars coming around the bends so fast so we found a path to finish our walk on. We'd barely made it into the woods when Dakota announced that she needed to go potty. Terrible timing! I didn't have a choice as we still had a good half mile or more to go so off the pants went and I told her I'd hold her up while she did her thing and then I just silently prayed she wouldn't pee all over me. She was about mid pee when I felt a warm spray all over my left seemed odd that she'd pee on my arm that way in the position I had her and it wasn't until I looked up that I realized that Harper was also peeing in the wild...and all over my arm. He just completely missed the ginormous tree in front of him and sprayed  me instead. The irony! I mean, who would've guessed that he'd be the one to pee all over me when I was literally holding Dakota while she peed? I couldn't even be mad though, I just laughed and wiped that shit on my jeans and we kept on a walking. There just isn't much else you can do sometimes....

I even took some more pictures on the way. 


Before we split with Tony and Landon, I gave them the camera so that he could take some pictures. Here's what they took:

With the lens that was on the camera they were able to see our campsite so they called and had my dad walk out where they could see him and take a few pictures. He's the red dot in the middle of the photo below:

The rest of the night was spent getting things together for the long drive the next day. I sure wasn't looking forward to that 8 hour drive home, but we'd had a great time. I sure hope we'll be able to do some more camping in the near future! 

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