Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Daily, Day 2

I wasn't sure if Peppermint (our elf) was going to hang out with us this year but once the neighbors told my two little's about their elf showing up, I knew she'd be back. 

Harper was the first to spot her sitting in the middle of the Christmas tree and she had a little note with her. The note read: I sure have missed you guys, but I'm back! Love, Peppermint. 

Dakota was thrilled to see her and kept saying "Hi, Peppermint! I'm glad you're back!" 

When I reminded the kids that Peppermint was keeping an eye on things and reported to Santa each evening, Harper wondered if she only reported the poor behavior or also the good behavior. I assured him that Peppermint was more interested in good behavior and would absolutely tell Santa about all the good she saw. He sure look relieved when I told him that. 

I've given Landon the task of elf relocation and I'm hoping that between the two of us we'll remember. 

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