Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 4

We continued to learn about the land we live on this week but instead of concentrating on things that grow on the land we talked about things we might see when we're outside.

Our first project was a self portrait because we do see people when we're out and about.

When the kids finished the teacher then handed each child a mirror to see if they could see anything they'd missed. Dakota immediately noticed that she'd forgotten to draw the butterfly necklace she was wearing and added it to her masterpiece.

Once the kids were done drawing themselves we began our next project which was to add things to a house with markers. They were given plain white houses and the kids were free to draw whatever they wanted. Oddly enough Dakota had been drawing a house earlier this morning so she was ready for this one! She added a window, a door, a picture frame, a red chimney and then decided her house could fly so those two orange circles are wings, not outside lights like I thought they were. :)

Our next project involved painting a vehicle. There were trains and trucks and while Dakota really wanted a train there weren't any left when it got to her turn. She didn't bat an eye though and just grabbed a truck and went to work. (I was really proud that she didn't get upset or throw a tantrum about it and just settled for what was left.) 

Before we left the kids were given a plain white sheet of paper and told to paint the top blue for the sky and the bottom green for the grass. Then they were able to glue their houses on top and choose a tree and bird to add to the scene. 

Two classes left for this session and I'm pretty sure we'll be signing up for another round! 

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